This is The True American Experience – Teachers and What they do For Our Children

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Teaching in a different way

The first story was about a high school teacher of American Sign Language who want to reach her kids better, so she picked contemporary songs by contemporary artists and did the music sign language on YouTube for her kids and they loved it.

Message for this blog

This is the true message of this blog – it is about teachers who go the extra mile to make learning fun for the kids. There are hundreds of stories about teachers that could be written today and the blog would be up and running. There is not a day that goes by that I don’t read or hear a story about an exceptional teacher and what they do to go the extra mile for their students.


With pay going down this is the true story of the American Experience. Teachers spending their own money to do extraordinary things to teach the next generation – the future leaders of tomorrow.

Teacher Teaches Sign Language Using Popular Song and Artist

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American Sign Language

Interesting first article, a high school teacher Brittany Adams teaches sign language at Romeo High School. She found a unique way to do this. She does these using popular music artists. To teach American Sign Language and now is making her own music videos in sign language to popular kids artists such as Taylor Swift and Clean Bandit. Then she chooses signs that best fit the lyrics of the song and makes them into YouTube videos. Her kids love it and I found it very interesting.

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High School Teacher Switches up Music Videos with A Little Sign Language

Music NewsA high school teacher at Romeo High School has hopes to teach more children the American Sign Language with the use of popular music artists. Brittany Adams, who teaches American Sign Language, has started creating her own music videos in sign language to popular kids artists such as Clean Bandit and Taylor Swift. She chooses signs that fit best with the lyrics of the song, the produces YouTube videos with the help of her husband. Each video she has created has been a huge hit amongst all of her students.

Adams’ process begins with choosing the right song. She chooses the best music that makes her students want to dance and listen. The most difficult part of the process is how to interpret the sign language. Each person has their own interpretation of music. Each video takes close to two weeks to fully produce; however, Adams has been very interested in signing since she was a young child. Although her students are her main audience, Adams is hoping that more children become interested in learning Sign Language with the help of her videos.